The darkness crashes down around me……. An endless abyss, taking hold of every fiber of my being.

Fighting for my life, clawing and climbing. With every breath, my lungs are cracking under the pressure. Spiraling so far out of control not even reality can keep me grounded.

Relief comes in the form of a silver blade, skating its’ way around my veins. As the blood flows, freely only then is my mind released from its prison.

Until the flood gates are opened again. Letting my demons free to run though my soul. Thrashing and kicking with every step. Leaving an endless trail of pain and destruction. How long can one hold on?

American War

My Rating: 5/5

Title: American War

Author: Omar El Akkad

Pages: 333

Genre(s): Fiction, Science Fiction, Dystopia, War

Let me start out by saying I couldn’t put this book down….Once I got into the story. That being said, this is no where near a book that is hard to read.

The main character, Sarat (Yes, this is how she spells her name, for some reason I can’t remember.) is a hard character to have a relationship with. She is not your every day main character. She is very rough around the edges. To put it nicely, She does not play well with others. Though, if you are not the person who is into reading about war related topics including: murder, blood, booms, etc. this book is not for you.

I overall very much enjoyed the story of this book. It is set in a near future with all of today’s current events coming to a head, locking the United States within it’s second civil war. I couldn’t stop talking about it with the readers at work. If you do not mind some gore, this really is a great read.

Nature ❤🌳

Remember the beauty in nature my friends. I found these beautiful pictures just on the way to the store. Because I took the time to look for the beauty around us.

Enjoy the little things. This is the one life that we have to live. Why not remember it being happy. 

On the the comedy level, we did see a lady eating food while driving on the highway today. She had a plate with mashed potatoes, and she had a corn on the cob in her hand. She was eating it while she was driving. I tried to get a picture, but she got off of the highway before I could. It was hilarious 😂!!!!

Daring Me

With just one look I can see your eyes daring me,

Daring me to take your hand.

My heart skips a beat as I lose myself in the ocean of your thoughts.

As the waves crash over me,

I see the way you SEE me.

Your happiness, your desires.

I see our future….

A future with such promise,

with such hope.

Everything else in the universe seems to melt away;

Time and space are suspended.

The two of us trapped in eternal nothing.

A nothing shared with no one, I cannot see another choosing this life.

Choosing me.

But there is your hand….

Daring me to take it.

Friends and Life

As life changes so do the people who we trust. The people in our tight group change just as life changes. For me, this was a very hard transition in my life. It is not easy to leave a person behind even though it is the right thing to do.

This was the hardest decision of my life. Saying goodbye to someone who use to know all your secrets, to someone who you thought would never leave, someone you laughed and cried with, someone who you thought would always have your back.

Then one day it is as if a wave comes out of no where and knocks you over. Being suspended in the water, not knowing where you are or how long the water is going to hold you under. Feeling the water push, you farther and farther down, not knowing what is up and what is down. Fighting with all of their energy to get back above the water, only to be pushed under again by another wave. Still holding their breath, feeling the burning in their lungs and in their throat. As the salt water licks its way around their mouth. Their lungs begging for air. But eventually the wave recedes back into the ocean. Right when the person thought they couldn’t handle any more. The water is calm again, and it is as if it never happened. The only evidence that it even happened is with the person. They can still feel their heart beating, trying to catch a breath while getting the salt water out of their mouth. The wave left a hug impact on the person, but the person will be ok. Once they get out of the ocean and are able to catch their breath their life continues to go on as normal. Little by little the incident of the wave isn’t on the person’s mind so much. Maybe years later when visiting an ocean, they might remember the incident. The incident that they thought would change everything about their life, that they would never be the same again.

In a way everything did change. But the person changed without even knowing it. Soon life doesn’t seem as difficult. Everything around you that you have seen every day just seems different and new. The whole world around you is seen in a whole new way. Soon new friends are made, some stay and some leave. But after awhile there is one, one that doesn’t go away. One that you find yourself telling everything too. Soon you two have inside jokes, and secrets. Then before you even realize it you are inseparable.

It is not that you have forgotten your old memories, but more that is all they are now, memories. Memories that shaped you into the person that you are today. Memories that will sometimes find their way into your brain, and you can’t help it but you find yourself just smiling. It is always crazy to look back and see just how much life has changed.