Life use to be full of such connection and closeness. Now, most of the population is concerned about all of their social media accounts. I was out to lunch with a friend last week; looking around, there was not one table having a conversation without a person having a cellphone in their hand. To be fair, it was lunch time with not many people in this coney. Still, when did we become so caught up in ourselves? We can’t even put the phone down through a lunch, to enjoy the company of a friend, with them sitting right in front of us?

Though it does seem easy to picture, when life it’s self has become an endless cycle set on repeat. The older I become, the more I feel as if time is slipping away so quickly. It feels like yesterday was the fourth of July. Every day blurring into the next. Wake up, Eat, Work, Eat, Home, Eat, Sleep……Repeat. At least, when we were children we had summer break to look forward to. What do we have to look forward to as adults?

Though the little things get us by. I love writing in my hammock. listening to the leaves rustle, as the wind runs through them. Kicking and pushing, causing the beautiful chorus of summer. Hearing the birds chirping endlessly around me. The sun warming my back until a cloud passes by, shielding it’s rays. After a few minutes, the cloud passes, the bugs rejoice loudly as the rays begin to warm us once again. It’s finding the little things that make us happy to keep life balanced.

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