American War

My Rating: 5/5

Title: American War

Author: Omar El Akkad

Pages: 333

Genre(s): Fiction, Science Fiction, Dystopia, War

Let me start out by saying I couldn’t put this book down….Once I got into the story. That being said, this is no where near a book that is hard to read.

The main character, Sarat (Yes, this is how she spells her name, for some reason I can’t remember.) is a hard character to have a relationship with. She is not your every day main character. She is very rough around the edges. To put it nicely, She does not play well with others. Though, if you are not the person who is into reading about war related topics including: murder, blood, booms, etc. this book is not for you.

I overall very much enjoyed the story of this book. It is set in a near future with all of today’s current events coming to a head, locking the United States within it’s second civil war. I couldn’t stop talking about it with the readers at work. If you do not mind some gore, this really is a great read.

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